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My Name is Jon Disnard.

I'm from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area (North Texas).

Many hats: Developer, Sysadmin, janitor. Was on the sidelines of the Fedora community since F6, and started to get active in the community around f12. Before getting hooked on Fedora I was active in the FreeBSD community: user, developer, moderator in #FreeBSD.

I came to Fedora mainly to explore the embedded Linux world. My interest are mainly focused on the Fedora-arm and secondary architectures.

My desktop runs Fedora (of course). Big advocate of the triple display setup because I always got alot going on at once. Favorite Desktop environments is MATE, or Fluxbox. although these days I've begun to use Gnome3 as it slowly improves.


I still run Fedora on a Sony PS3 (fat), and will never upgrade the firmware.

List of ARM boards:

  • Panda_ES rev_b1 TI omap 4460
  • MiraBox Marvel Armada370
  • Trimslice nvidia tegra2
  • Chromebook Samsung exynos 5250 (a15)
  • TI uevm TI omap 5432 (a15)
  • Goose Berry Allwinner A10 (a7)
  • BeagleBoneBlack TI Sitara

I'm presently a Fedora Ambassador, and help out in Fedora-arm.