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Peter Lemenkov

Contact info

  • Email:
  • Jabber:

About me

I'm a programmer at Moscow-based software and telco company. Also I've got a page at Fedorapeople with some Fedora-related stuff.

Packages currently maintained in Fedora

Participation in Special Interest Groups

Packages currently cooking

  • erlsom - Support for XML Schema in Erlang
  • sippy - B2BUA SIP call controlling component

My Wishlist and interesting apps

  • AIRES - a set of programs and subroutines to simulate particle showers produced after the incidence of high energy cosmic rays on the earth's atmosphere, and to manage all the data associated with these simulations.
  • AlsaPlayer - adio player for Linux and other similar systems
  • Apetag - A command line ape 2.0 tagger.
  • Astroseries - RTS game.
  • BLAST - finds regions of similarity between biological sequences.
  • c-repl - REPL for C.
  • Commander Stalin - Soviet RTS game based on Boswars and Stratagus engine.
  • Crystal Space - free cross-platform software development kit for realtime 3D graphics, with particular focus on games.
  • Cuneiform -an OCR system originally developed and open sourced by Cognitive technologies.
  • Dinotrace - a X-11 waveform viewer which understands Verilog Value Change Dumps, ASCII, and other trace formats.
  • DISLIN - high-level plotting library for displaying data. Non-commercial clause.
  • Electric - a sophisticated electrical CAD system that can handle many forms of circuit design
  • FreeWRL - VRML/X3D browser.
  • Garlic - free, open source molecular viewer and editor.
  • Jabberwocky - IDE for Lisp programs. Looks like this project was discontinued.
  • JavaNNS - successor of SNNS, Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator.
  • lfm - Last File Manager is a simple but powerful file manager for the UNIX console.
  • Mac-on-Linux - virtualization solution for PowerPC
  • Magnus - special purpose mathematical package for Infinite Group Theory computations
  • Maxwell Word Processor - lightweight text editor with Motif GUI. no news since 2001 though.
  • MayaVi - Data Visualizer. There is also Mayavi2
  • Mercury - new logic/functional programming language.
  • MLDonkey - the Open Source eDonkey client.
  • MMM - lightweight WWW browser implemented in Objective Caml.
  • MOLMOL - molecular graphics program for displaying, analyzing, and manipulating the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules, with special emphasis on the study of protein or DNA structures determined by NMR.
  • Mule - Enterprise Service Bus and integration platform.
  • Nial - Nested Interactive Array Language.
  • Ngraph - program creating scientific 2-dimensinal graphs for the researcher and engineer.
  • Openfire - (formerly Wildfire) is a real time collaboration (RTC) server, based on XMPP. Initial attempt to package it was made.
  • OpenFOAM - The Open Source CFD Toolbox.
  • OpenMotif - lesstif clone :). Non-free clause.
  • open-vm-tools - set of guest operating system virtualization components that enhance performance and user experience of virtual machines.
  • PerfSuite - collection of tools, utilities, and libraries for software performance analysis.
  • plan9port - port of many Plan 9 programs from their native Plan 9 environment to Unix-like operating systems.
  • PyNGL - Python scientific visualisation package. Someting weird with their license, although they claims that they changed it.
  • RabbitMQ - implementation of AMQP, the emerging standard for high performance enterprise messaging.
  • RALCGM - program to interpret Computer Graphics Metafiles. Seems dead, but source still can be found.
  • RasMol - program for molecular graphics visualisation
  • Red5 - Open Source Flash Server
  • RLaB is an interactive, interpreted scientific programming environment. Recently was renamed to rlabplus.
  • sC++ - educational parallel programming language
  • Skipstone - handy Gtk+ Web Browser which uses Gecko or WebKit.
  • Spark - XMPP IM client optimized for businesses and organizations.
  • SR - educational parallel programming language. Predecessor to the MPD programming language.
  • STLport - multiplatform ANSI C++ Standard Library implementation.
  • SqueezeCenter (former SlimServer) - media server.
  • Talend Open Profiler - sophisticated yet simple-to-use data profiler.
  • TCM - collection of software tools to present specifications of software systems in the form of diagrams, tables, trees, and the like.
  • Ted - text editor.
  • Tkhtml3 - Tk widget that displays content formatted according to the HTML and CSS standards.
  • TOra - Toolkit for Oracle which aims to help the DBA or developer of database application.
  • Tulip - software for visualisation of huge graphs.
  • Viewmol - graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.
  • VirtualBox - Free Virtual Machine suite from InnoTek (for SPEC/SRPM contact TillMaas)
  • Vis5d+
  • VisAD
  • XITE - X based Image processing Tools and Environment.