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Red Hat Release Test Team (RTT) Fedora 11 Testing Home

This page will be used to communicate testing activities by members of Red Hat Release Test Teams installation testing of Fedora 11.

Goal: During the Fedora 11 Campaign RTT will be bringing many of the processes and test cases used to test the installation components of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Fedora 11. From this effort we hope to contribute to the Fedora Community the testing functions which have been proven effective in the enterprise space and to learn from the community new and creative ways of improving our testing.

Release Test Team Community Testing Information

Team Members and Contact Information

name Fedora IRC nick email location
Robert M Williams rwilliams rmw AT raleigh nc usa
User:Atodorov atodorov atodorov redhat com sofia, bulgaria
Brock Organ bo09 borgan at redhat dot com raleigh nc usa
Marian Ganisin mganisin mganisin redhat com Brno, Czech Republic


RTT Fedora Test Days

date focus attendee(s) test plan
Jan 29 2009 Text Mode Enhancements rwilliams
Feb 05 2009 EXT4 Filesystem rwilliams EXT4 Test Plan
TBD iSCSI rwilliams
TBD RAID rwilliams

Fedora 11 Information Links

Fedora 11 Schedule

Fedora 11 Feature List

Release Test Team Internal Testing Information

Internal Testing Builds and Status

Build Arch Overall Status Notes
rawhide 20090123 x86_64 failed RHTS testing manual testing also failed
i386 failed RHTS testing manual testing also failed
rawhide 20090127 x86_64 failed RHTS testing
i386 failed RHTS testing

Internal Testing Test Plan

Internal Testing Events