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My suggestion the whole testday layout...

  • The layout "box"
Test Case Testers Pass Bug Number Comments
  • Column 1 contains link to the test cases
  • Column 2 Tester fills in his wiki name
  • Column 3 Is filled with cpu architecture on testing platform
  • Column 4 Is filled with either red of green
  • Column 5 Gives bug number an url to bugzilla
  • Column 6 Testers gives comment on his testing experience.

Small sample.

Test Case Tester Arch Pass Bug Number Comments
1 Jóhann B. i386 12345 We all live in the yellow submarine
1 James Alaska 64bit The Yellow submarine
1 Robert M. PPC 56789 The yellow submarine
2 Jóhann B. 64bit We all live in the yellow submarine
2 James Alaska PPC 555555 The yellow submarine
2 Robert M. i386 The yellow submarine