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My contact info:
My contact info:
mail: rguerra.marin |at|
'''mail:''' rguerra.marin |at|
blog: []
'''blog:''' []
IRC nick: biker
'''IRC nick:''' biker
IRC Channels: #gultij #fedora-latam #archlinux-es #superkb
'''IRC Channels:''' #gultij #fedora-latam #archlinux-es #superkb

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Hi, I'm a 22 years old linux enthusiastic. I am from Tijuana, Mexico, but enjoy travelling around all over the world. By the time I wrote this, I have visited 15 countries. And in some of those I have visited the local Linux Users Group.

I'm an Electronic Cybernetics Engineer, with strong knowledge in automation and programming. I have a certification in LabVIEW and I currently work in a company called ICCNexergy.

I've been using Linux since 2008, and I have contributed to the free software by making free software, finding and fixing bugs, translating, giving conferences, etc.

My contact info: mail: rguerra.marin |at| blog: IRC nick: biker IRC Channels: #gultij #fedora-latam #archlinux-es #superkb