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Rubén Guerra Marín
[[Image:|thumb|center|Rubén Guerra Marín]]
Personal Information
Birthday: February 10, 1990
Home: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: rugebiker
Miscellaneous Information
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GPG-Key: 1667CF4A
IRC: biker on in
#fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-latam, #proyecto-fedora
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FLOSSH and Fedora

I started using Linux when I began university. Fedora 9 was my very firsts Linux Distro. I got captivated by all the FLOSS philosophy, but most of all by the community surrounding it all over the world. I was once what it is considered a "Distro hopper", I tried many Distros but I always came back to Fedora. The reason is, yeah the Distro is awesome, but what I like most of it is its community. The people around Fedora is what makes and keeps me inside the Fedora community. I have been a Fedora Ambassador since 2012, and it has been very awesome. I'm planning to become a Fedora Package Maintainer very soon, specially packaging for the ARM architecture. I have been in the following events representing Fedora:

I am also a Fedora Package Maintainer. Currently I maintainer the following package:

I have also been helping local FLOSS groups. I have been the lead for the Tijuana Linux Users Group since 2008, and recently I became part of the Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans (even though I don't live here, I try to help remotely and attend to some events). I try to teach not only Fedora, but the whole FLOSSH philosophy (the H stands for Hardware). I grew up knowing nothing about FLOSSH (not even the term, and linux was just like a OS that sounded so hard and for hackers), so what I'm trying to do is to take FLOSSH to people who knows nothing about it, and to all those who wants to learn more. I have given many conferences and workshops at schools, tech events and even at companies. On 2012, I was the lead of the Software Freedom Day Tijuana 2012.

Personal life

I am from Mexico (: I studied a Bachelor in Electronic Cybernetics Engineering, but right now I live in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) studying a Master of Science in Embedded Systems. I love everything related to robotics, electronics and computers (hardware and software). I also love traveling around the world and making new friends.