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Current www.fpo content


The current header only contains the Fedora logo and slogan.


  • A simple text title, "Fedora 13: Rock It!"
  • A big banner for F13, which links to the one page release notes.
  • A links that says "What's new in Fedora 13? Read the release notes. >>". This one also links to the release notes, but the "real" ones.
  • A small piece of text with a description of what Fedora is: Linux-based OS, latest in FOSS software, free to use/modify/spread, anyone is welcome to join, basically the regular "what is Fedora?" intro text. Link below it says "Learn more. >>" and links to Overview.
  • A big light blue button "Download Now!", which links to get.fpo.


The sidebar contains several links, divided into parts:

- First, another F13 banner (smaller than the main banner but bigger than the download button) which links to get.fpo.

- "Navigation", with links to Home (greyed out, since you're already at Home), get.fpo, join.fpo and Get Help. Basically the most important pages you can go from here.

- "Tools", which has docs.fpo, a wiki link, a Planet link, a Communicate link and an Events link. All of these links have a little description.

- "Website language", with a dropdown menu to change your language.

- "Hosting Sponsor", with an InterNetX logo linking to


The footer is still the old one and will be updated to match the new design seen on and in this mock-up.

I think this is actually that part that needs the least change...

Review of current content

Alright, I think that's all the content on the current page. Now, what's up with it? What can we improve, what's missing, what should be left out?

Feel free to edit all this!
This is all just my opinion and my ideas, if you have anything to add, put it in here or talk about it on the Discussion page! :)


  • The current header feels very... empty. White space is good and all, but we don't want to waste this important part of page real estate. What can we use it for?
    • The logo could be more prominent?
    • Like mizmo's mockup, we could use it...
      • the main navigation area
      • let visitors select their language (if you don't speak English, it's good to have it in a prominent position)
      • display a search bar, if that's needed


  • I'm not entirely sure if we *need* a sidebar? It kind of old-fashioned and makes the page look wiki-like instead of a nice product presentation, imho. Also, instead of collecting all the links here we could spread them throughout the page and place them in relevant sections. Like in the mock-ups, maybe a very small navigation area at the top would be nice, since we have just a few links that NEED to be prominent (i.e., get.fpo, join.fpo, etc).
  • There's multiple links that don't even need to be here. For instance, "Home" could be left out completely, since we're already there. And "Get Fedora" is the third link to get.fpo (you can already get there through the small banner or the "Download Now!" button.
  • The links under "Tools" all have to do with the community. Except for "Docs" (the documentation), they are about the Wiki, the community Planet, Communication with the community (although this could also be seen as Help) and Events for the community.
    • Create a seperate section for community links? Somewhere where Fedora contributors can find their stuff?
  • What's with the hosting sponsor? Is this still valid? (I have no idea :) )
  • The banner at the top is kind of double... We already have a huge banner, so why place another one here? It's the third link that goes to get.fpo.