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*2013: FUDCon Lawrence, NA.
*2013: FUDCon Lawrence, NA.
*2013: Fedora 18 Release Party  
*2013: Fedora 18 Release Party, Panama City
*2012: Fedora 17 Release Party
*2012: Fedora 17 Release Party, Panama City
*2011: Fedora 16 Release Party
*2011: Fedora 16 Release Party, Panama City
*2011: FUDcon Panamá
*2011: FUDcon Panama City

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Kiara Navarro
Kiara Navarro
Personal Information
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Home: Panamá
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: sophiekovalevsky
Miscellaneous Information
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IRC: kovalevsky on Freenode in
floss-pa,fedora-pa,fedora-br,fedora-latam, fedora-latam-rpmdev

I started using Fedora for less than a year. I like this distribution because it refers to freedom, friendship and features. Fedora has given me the opportunity to work on Linux in an intuitive, challenging, and dynamic way.

I like math, electronics, web design and telecommunications. At this moment I'm using Fedora Electronic spin devoted mostly to companies based on the creation of semiconductors devices but still provides many programs for engineers, undergraduate, masters and doctorate research/activities, and obviously electronics enthusiasts.

I would like to promote through Fedora Electronic the free and open source software so that more people learn how much fun it can be a mix of technology-electronics.

FOSS activities/contributions in Fedora


There some events where I was or wich I have organized:

  • 2013: FUDCon Lawrence, NA.
  • 2013: Fedora 18 Release Party, Panama City
  • 2012: Fedora 17 Release Party, Panama City
  • 2011: Fedora 16 Release Party, Panama City
  • 2011: FUDcon Panama City