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About me:

I am not a computer professional, but rather am a finance and accounting ´s professional , but I am fond of everything that has to do with these things is my hobby, recently started using Fedora in version 15 (Verne) but I really like this distro up to the point of wanting to support in any way with Fedora.

What do I do at Fedora?


I am part of the Fedora Nicaragua Team also I am a active contributors as Ambassadors, Freemedia and Desing.


As assistant

F16 Realese Party F17 Realese Party

As colaborator

Fedora School 01 Flisol Managua 2012

At Owner Nothing Yet :(

Usuario de Linux 547668

Fedora Account

  • FAS : williamjmorenor
  • Nick IRC: viperboy001
  • Channels: #fedora-latam - #fedora-ni
  • Mail: williamjmorenor(at)fedoraproject(dot)org
  • Blog:

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