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Fedora Nicaragua School

the local community invites to a learning sesion with a technical focus for begginners.

Date and Place

  • Date: February 9th, 2013
  • Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm (-6 UTC)
  • Place: Hotel Mansión Teodolinda - Acacia Saloon
    • Address: West side of Plaza Inter, 2 blocks west 2 and a half blocks south. Bolonia, Managua, Nicaragua.

Event Owners


Time Topic Expositor
2:00 pm Introduction to command line Neville A. Cross
3:00 pm SSH and RSA Neville A. Cross
4:00 pm Statics with R Deybi Morales
4:30 pm *IRC with Xchat and web client
Virtual Meetings
*Video Tutorial
William Moreno


  1. Terminal
  2. SSH & RAS



Activite was done acording the planed schedule with an attendance of around 20 people. The introduction of the R Project was very interesting and the presentation about terminal, SSH and IRC were good too.

The activity ended at 6.15 PM, after that it the local team made some disks for the freemedia program


Firts Class
Good Attendance
Fedora Ni
Introducing R