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This is a log of the freemedia request than I have fixed, you have to know than:

  1. I send disk at my country, Nicaragua.
  2. I send disk to my region, Latam.
  3. I send disk to countries in my region without members of freemedio project.
  4. I don´t send disk out of Latam, it is to much expensive.

If you want a Fedora CD/DVD please fill this form or contac with a ambassador at your country or region.

Fedora 18 Spherical Cow

Nombre País Medio Arquitectura Fecha Track Informe
Salvador de Jesus Landverte El Salvador DVD i386 11-feb-13 9155 *
Nery del Valle Guatemala DVD i386 11-feb-13 10417 *
Gustavo Abelino Isem Cabrera Guatemala DVD i386 11-feb-13 9821 *
Franco Dario Vannasaeng Argentina DVD x86_64 11-feb-13 9155 *
Juan Islas Troncoso Mexico DVD i386 11-feb-13 Título del enlace *
Israel Juárez Salazar Mexico DVD i386 11-feb-13 9056 *