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Fedora Ambassadors Membership Verification

More statistics about the Ambassadors Project is here.
  1. Please don't edit this page by hand. All changes will be overwritten by the next update as this page is updated by an automated script which gathers the data out of the FAS2 ambassadors group.
  2. To be included in this list under your own country, login to FAS and ensure:
    1. Your account information is public.
    2. You have set your country code. (This listing is based on the country codes by the United Nations [1] - the informal regional relationships may varies from this listing)
    3. Your FAS account is active.
  3. Please edit your 'Full name' field in the FAS and fill in your first name and your last name. We prefer that you fill it in English.
  4. If you have any question regarding your Fedora Ambassadors Membership, please contact fama AT fedoraproject DOT org

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