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About me

I'm degree in Computer Science at the Faculdade Pitágoras, a graduate student in Engineering Systems - ESAB, I'm currently working as an IT Analyst in College. I am also doing the course in Forensic Computing Skill NIDS Forensics. I know the Fedora version 9 since most just started working with it in version 11.

Name: Douglas Gonçalves Bahr
Google Talk:
IRC: douglasbahr on Freenode in #fedora-latam #fedora-admin #fedora-ambassadors
FAS: douglasbahr
Language: Portuguese and English
Location: Teixeira de Freitas , Brazil
Formation: Degree in Computer Science at the Faculty Pitagoras - Unit Teixeira de Freitas and Graduate Student in Systems Engineering at ESAB

Future plans

I want to contribute to the community through participation in events, dissemination of the Fedora community and its main objectives and even the organization of events, translation and marketing of Fedora.