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Jamie Duncan
Jamie Duncan
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FAS name: jduncan
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IRC nick: jduncan
IRC channels: #fedora, #bcfg2, #zabbix, #rvalug, #rhel (and others)
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My name is Jamie Duncan. I live in Richmond, VA with my wife, 2 dogs, 4 cats and a frog named Europa.

Most of my FOSS efforts center around the LUG I started here in Richmond, VA ( as well as the local Richmond Hackerspace (, of which I'm a part-owner.

Activities within Fedora

Right now my biggest activity within Fedora is through the Ambassadors Project. I was a FLOSS advocate way before I started working at Red Hat. The Ambassadors Program lets me be part of an incredible community talking about and advocating for what I think is a pretty amazing Open Source project.

What gets me going?

Free and Open Source software has essentially provided me with a career, and I want to return the favor. The part of the Open Source Way that I enjoy the most is the actual community building process. Engaging with other people and enabling them to work together towards a common goal is exciting to me. It's a blast.

I get to live that out everyday with my day job as a Technical Account Manager for Red Hat.

I also enjoy playing around with Django, doing some amateur web development.