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Mailto: sonar_gal AT

    IRC nick is sonar_gal
    fedora-social, fedora, fedora-ambassadors, fedora-admin, fedora-design, fedora-devel, fedora-docs,
    fedora-meeting, fedora-mktg, fedora-qa, fedora-uk, fedora-websites

My name is Andrea Glaser better known as sonar_gal. I have been using Fedora since FC3. I am hoping to get more people, women involved with Fedora also hoping to get more students involved with using fedora.

I am always in fedora-social IRC chat room. Many know me and that I have been around for quite a while. I think we can make fedora a fantastic community.

We need to open up resources to more people, communities, businesses and basically general public.

I think this is a great community and could be fantastic if we all work together to make it better.

I am a contributor of