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I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 1 (abt 2003), and before that since Red Hat 3.0.3 (Picasso, abt 1996).

Perry Rivera

  • Name: Perry Rivera
  • IRC: juggler on freenode
  • Fedora username: lajuggler
  • O/S: Fedora (stable release)
  • Location: Northridge, CA - USA
  • Email: lajuggler AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • Profession: Technology Professional / System Administrator / Software Engineer / DevOps / Computer Security

About Perry

Hello! I am a computer consultant that works with various operating systems, including Fedora. I learned about Fedora (Core, at the time..) when Red Hat Linux was first discontinued back in 2003. I started with Fedora Core 4 on legacy hardware. I presently use Fedora 29 to demonstrate how useful open source systems can be and enjoy working with it.

I am very enthusiastic to assist people with maintaining their workstations, servers, networking, and other technology.

I am an active member of the Fedora Ambassadors ([1]), San Fernando Valley Linux Users Group ([2]), LETHAL ([[3]]), and the Association for Talent Development - Los Angeles Chapter ([4]).

Prior experience includes support of the Openstack Magnum ([5]) project.



  • Support others on the usage of the Fedora distribution
  • Facilitate Fedora West Ambassador Meetings
  • Participate in various open source conferences throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

Skill Areas

  • Red Hat, Fedora
  • Communication (speaking, teaching, writing, professional development, talent development)
  • Documentation (wiki)
  • Programming: Python, bash, Perl, C/C++/C#
  • Videography, photography


  • A Cappella
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Juggling
  • Drumming (doumbek, bodhran)