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Cândido Raphael de Souza e Silva

  • Independent consultant to small and medium enterprises always focusing on Open Source solutions.
  • Contributor of Open Source in general.
  • Currently live at Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, Brazil.
  • About me: My name is Cândido Raphael currently working as an independent consultant for small and medium enterprises, always showing generally Open Source solutions and advantages on screens in their business, in connection therewith, always tried to contribute in some way and now I identified with the project be Fedora ambassador here in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Indirectly and amateur already contribute a little to the project because I form some free classes to teach using Fedora Linux and presenting the project also my students also want to talk about the Fedora Project to more people of my city and my country I am interested in speaking at local events on the Fedora Project and want to organize events to promote Fedora Project and show the advantages of participating in an open source project. Currently I returned to study logic programming using the Python language and English to better contribute to my work as a consultant, teacher and Fedora Project


  • I intend to help Fedora Project using my social skills to bring more users and contributors.
  • Promote the Fedora operating system to be working in schools, businesses and home.
  • I like to help new users who are beginning to use Fedora and tools to provide a better learning it.
  • Promote the use of free software and open source in micro, small and medium enterprises so that they can reduce their costs and improve their IT.


  • Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English.
  • Education: Degree in "Computer Networking Technology" at University Estácio.
  • FAS-Name: crsesilva
  • Fedora-mail:
  • IRC: crsesilva
  • Private-mail: crsesilva AT gmail DOT com

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassadors (Brazil)
  • Help users on #fedora-br #fedora at
  • oVirt Project

Future Plans Fedora Project

  • Become package maintainer