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Andrew Dahl


I've been using Linux for the last six years. I started with RedHat 9, used SuSe for a while, but eventually landed on Fedora 5 and have stayed with it ever since. I do deviate every once in a while by trying out gentoo, sabayon, ubuntu, and a couple others, but I always end up coming back to Fedora since it works so much better. Currently I'm a junior at MSUM (Minnesota State University, Moorhead) majoring in computer science. I also work on campus as the assistant to the C.S. Departments Systems Administrator. As far as career paths, I'm not 100% set on anything, but I've been leaning towards System's Administration. I'm still considering a career in programming, but we'll see =)

I really love the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and believe that all code should be open sourced at the very least. All in all I'd like to do what I can for the Fedora community.

Programming Languages

Currently Use: C/C++, C#, VB, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bash, Perl

Want to Learn: Assembly, Python

Current Projects

I've a few projects that I'm still brainstorming, but actively I'm working on the following:

  • A small application that will pull Google Calendar data and export it to a spreadsheet.

-- Features In Progress: Allows user to select what span of days to export. Allows user to select between what hours of the day to export. Allows user to select how large of a time interval each cell represents. Allows user to select a template to use for different formatting. Shows the user the list of appointments found so he/she can deselect those that they may not want to export.

  • A web based troubleshooting application for internal customer support to help aid customer support staff.

--- Reasoning: At my second job (Software Development) I have to handle customer support for that software I write. Almost all support requests go through our office manager who does okay with computers, but she doesn't understand much regarding support. That said, if she sends anything out that's technical, it's usually a template of something I've sent out before. This application will allow you to select the product you need support for and then follow some basic questions down until you have a possible list of issues (KB Articles). Once you select a KB article, it will bring up the article and below the article, it will generate an e-mail to be sent so all the user has to do is copy and paste the e-mail into Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, or whatever client they may be using.

Activities within Fedora

  • I am a Fedora Ambassador.

Actions as a Fedora Ambassador

  • Promoting Fedora among MSUM's ACM and within the local Linux Development Lab
  • Working on a plan to convert the local Linux Development Lab from CentOS to Fedora
  • Working on reorganizing the Fargo-Moorhead LUG (FMLUG)


  • Email: dahlan [at] mnstate [dot] edu
  • Fedora Account: dahlan

--Dahlan 07:56, 23 November 2009 (UTC)