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Jason Low <aka Jason Benedict Low>




Working in InfoComm Technology Infrastructure Consultancy Business and Internet Telecommunication Service Provider.

Summary Profile

  • Over 15 years experience in Information and Communication Technology Consultancy.
  • Ability to set business directions to regional teams and local business partners, developing business framework and processes, translating customer needs into sales.
  • Communicate clearly, implementation strategies to internal business units to meet contractual obligations and service levels
  • Establish sound and strong relationships with external and internal customers.
  • Have strong technical, entrepreneurial & business oriented background.
  • Earned "CERTIFICATION OF ACHIEVEMENT" award from SPRING Singapore <previously known as PSB Singapore> for implementing Just-In-Time Manufacturing - by exploiting State-of-The-Art Technology.
  • Assisted in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) – Network Technology Research Center (NTRC), in bluetooth (Piconet) and Wi-Fi research on hybrid-network in embedded system research & development, Linux Mobile Phone Development by their students.
  • Successfully lead, direct and manage teams in building embedded system in new mobile computing arena whereby PDA/Phone taps onto the 3G network using GSM/GPRS, Piconet and Wi-Fi. Successful created a PDA/Phone prototype and Secured funding for the company through the successful completion of the prototype.
  • Was appointed as Consultant and Representative of Turbolinux for Singapore by Mr Ashok Pandy, The GM and President of Turbolinux Asia Pacific Ltd and completed the TurboLinux Certified Instructor Course.
  • Successfully distributed Linux enabling technology to SMEs and Retailers add value through lower Total Cost of Ownership and improved Return Of Investment.
  • Successfully demonstrated a high-performance Turbolinux Solution/Product to National University Of Singapore (NUS) Super-computing & Visualization Engeering faculty using Linux's parallel computing technology named Enfuzion. The implementation consisted of 2 clusters of commodity computers, each cluster 100 nodes, giving a total of 200 nodes, with a linux powered machine as Master Root.
  • Involved in RTOS (RTLinux) moment, consulting to A.STAR, Institute for Communications Research.
  • Within 4 days, delivered and demonstrated an Authentication Server and Gateway (based on RedHat Linux) to Alliance Systems, Malaysia.
  • Appointed by FSMLabs Inc to handle Real-Time processing products with their clients including A.STAR, Data Storage Institute, on their data-acquisition project using RTLinux and the RT related modules/driver.


Passionate in Data Communication and Telecommunication technology and the inexorable interest in learning anything that interests me - include psychology, law, censorship, economics, Physics, Music/Video.Recreation wise power boating, fishing and Water Ski.

Linux I had used

Had been using Linux as Desktop since 1997 KDE and later 1999, there after, Gnome. Finally in Year 2002 end till current year, Fully on Linux Desktop, no MS windows.

Had used the following Linux Distribution or flavour:-

  1. Slackware
  2. Caldera Open Linux
  3. Mandrake
  4. Turbolinux
  5. Suse
  6. Redhat
  7. Debian
  8. Gentoo
  9. Fedora

Linux liveCD I had used and love it

  1. SLAX
  2. Kanotix
  3. DamnSmallLinux(DSL)

Best way to get hands dirty on Linux

  1. follow and try

Best Desktop linux for use

  1. Fedora 8 and above
  2. Kanotix