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Efren 'srkraken' Robledo

Efren Antonio Robledo Moreno
Efren Antonio Robledo Moreno
Personal Information
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Home: Alvaro Obregon, Mexico city,Mexico
Fedora Information
FAS name: srkraken
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IRC nick: srkraken
IRC channels: #fedora-latam
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Miscellaneous Information
Private email: srkraken@fedoraproject,org
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My name is Efren Robledo. I <3 Fedora.



technical industrial processes

My story with linux

I log in using linux in 2008, in the time it used different operating systems gnu linux and found a world of knowledge at my disposal for this reason, I join this project with the desire to keep this beautiful tradition of sharing knowledge about using linux and the application of its many features and innovative in my community

My interests are

  • bash scriting
  • free software
  • open hardware
  • systems management
  • design
  • 3d printer
  • bash
  • FUDCon Latam
  • rpm package

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Activities within Fedora

  • I like to install trial versions of fedora alpha, beta
  • It is very interesting technological development in fedora
  • I really pleasing development anaconda installer

Im user of fedora 21

  • wayland
  • dnf
  • btrfs

Im user of Fedora 25

  • Fedora arm
  • i3wm
  • Sway


  • FUDCon Latam 2014 Managua, Nicaragua
  • FLISOL 2015 CCD Ciudad de Mexico
  • FLISOL 2015 TESCHA Instituto Tecnológico de Chalco, Estado De México
  • CPMX6 Campus Party México 2015 Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
  • Software Freedom Day EvaFedora 2015
  • FLISoL 2016 Rancho Electroníco
  • FLISoL 2017 FES Acatlan
  • FLISoL 2017 Hackerspace Rancho Electrónico

My Fedora Desktop

Mi escritorio