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About me

I am Mariana. I come from Tirana, Albania.

I am a FLOSS promoter. I strongly believe that everyone should have access to technology and that in the community you can learn, evolve and practice your skills.


  • Fedora Email: marianab(at)fedoraproject(dot)com
  • Twitter:

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassador/Contributor: Have been advocating for Fedora since 2016 and got accepted as an ambassador in 2017
  • L10n: Fedora Localization Contributor in SQ
  • Ambassadors Revamp 2020: Co-lead. More about the Revamp [here].
  • Fedora Objective co-lead: [Ambassadors Revamp Objective]

Events participated/organised


Baby Badger Paranoid Panda Software Freedom Kosova 2016 Attendee Don't Call it a Comeback Junior Badger (Badger I) Fedora 25 Release Partygoer White Rabbit Nuancier F26 Involvement Mugshot Fedora 26 Translation Sprint OSCAL 2017 Attendee Junior Editor Fedora 26 Release Partygoer Let Me Introduce Myself Community Messenger I Riddle Me This Extra!  Extra! Ambassador Steampunk Arcade Fedora Women Day 2017 Attendee Speak Up! FOSDEM 2018 Attendee Associate Badger (Badger 1.5) Associate Editor Macaron (Cookie I) Secretary General Fedora 28 Release Partygoer Rollercoaster Restaurant OSCAL 2018 Attendee Embryo Flock 2018 Attendee Fedora 29 Release Partygoer Let's have a party (Fedora 29) FOSDEM 2019 Attendee 2021 Attendee I Voted: Fedora 32 I Voted: Fedora 33 Nuancier F30 FOSDEM 2020 Attendee nest-attendee-2020 FOSDEM 2021 Attendee Senior Editor