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Rejaul Islam
Rejaul Islam
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Home: Bangladesh
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FAS-Name: rejaul
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Hostname: Fedora Project?

Fedora is a Linux based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure and easy to manage form. Fedora inherits a partnership with Redhat and open source software community around globe. Because of its predominance, the word "Fedora" is often used interchangeably to mean both the Fedora Project and the Fedora operating system. [1]

Whois: Rejaul

That's my name first name --- my friends and colleagues call me by Riju

Md. Rejaul Islam is my parent’s given name while my colleagues & friends calls me Riju to save the energy. Academically: I have competitively done Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Finance and with very competitive understanding in the subjects. Professionally, all the organizations - I have worked and am working calls me administrative cog & concise leader, have completed finance, accounting, administrative, investment analytic, sales prediction, demand and supply chain management, business development, branding, decision making platform, legal and social affairs, entrepreneurship and portfolio management since last one decade to meet organizational development and goals with comprehensive documentation, details and top notch data and goal oriented results with complete success rate and top layered performance. Co-opts and invitation from mentors in Banks, R & D, Shipping Industry, Media Houses, and Academic institution sharpen my skills and recognizable to any peers around the country and globally. Socially: I am butterfly and the professional & networking gurus entitle me as ”Fin Inside”!

Locate: Contact Information'

Asteristics.png Email Address: rejaulATfedoraprojectDOTorg
Asteristics.png FAS Name: rejaul
Asteristics.png GPG Key: 0xD3D5AE05
Asteristics.png Freenode Nick Name: Rejaul
Asteristics.png Language Speaks: Bangla , English

Man: Activities within Fedora

Asteristics.png Fedora Ambassador, Bangladesh

Asteristics.png Fedora Project Contributor Agreement

Asteristics.png FreeMedia

Asteristics.png Public voice for Fedora community

History: Organized by Fedora Bangladesh

Asteristics.png You may wish to visit Fedora Bangladeshi Team

Asteristics.png During this event we had arranged Fedora Bangladesh birds-of-feature, an informal Fedora Activity Day (FAD) on 13 February. All Fedora ambassadors, users, enthusiasts were invited to join this event. FAD at BASIS SoftExpo 2010, Date: Sat, 13-Feb-2010, Location: Bangabandhu International Conference Centre,Bd.

Asteristics.png Fedora 17 Release Party Dhaka - Bangladesh [2]

Visit APAC Fedora Ambassadors Asia Pacific (FAMAPAC)
Want to say thank Fedora Bangladeshi Team

Stat: My Contribution

Asteristics.png Organize: Fedora Events, Distribute Fedora, Implement Fedora as Server

Asteristics.png Ambassador: Fedora Project

Asteristics.png Fedora and future development

Top: Possibility through Fedora Project

Asteristics.png Reduce your efficient by providing you Fedora - an open source operating system

Asteristics.png Perform system environment audit or Financial audit

Asteristics.png Publicize Fedora to implement Fedora as your open source operation system at your office, or workstation, or server

Asteristics.png Launch a Fedora Booth at your organization or event!

Asteristics.png Give you a fresh copy of latest Fedora for free either in DVD or USB drive

Asteristics.png Financial Forecasting, Audit, Financial Data Analysis

Asteristics.png Explain about Open Source and Fedora

Asteristics.png Communicate with all respected ambassadors in Bangladesh

Asteristics.png Arrange a conference in Bangladesh

Asteristics.png Arrange a lecture or series of lectures for you about Fedora, Open Source, and Open Source Documentation

My thanks to all those who visits here, Fedora Project, Fedora Bangladesh Team, and APAC