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Tristan Santore

My name is Tristan Santore and I am an IT professional. I hold a degree in Computer Science BSc(hons) and am a MBCS and also a Thawte Notary(WoT). Currently, I am based in Cardiff, United Kingdom, but that might change soon. I am a fluent German speaker and I have used Fedora since version 1, and actually started with Red Hat 9, although I had tried to use Red Hat 7.x, but failed miserably due to hardware issues.


  • Email: tsantore (((at))))
  • IRC: LinuxCode: #fedora, #fedora-admin, #fedora-devel, #fedora-security, #fedora-selinux, #fedora-docs, #fedora-arm, etc.
  • GPG key: N/A as of yet. Email (Thawte signed digital signature).
  • Fedora Account: tsantore

Activities within Fedora

  • I have spent most of my time supporting users in the #fedora irc channel on Freenode, but I am also found on other IRC networks giving fedora support. I have been doing this for quite a few years now and enjoy the challenge that this brings with it.
  • I am also active on bugzilla and file bug reports, when necessary.
  • If required I also edit the wiki, such as adding a common bugs entry for F10, where on SCSI cards the system would fail on boot, due to the initial mkinitrd bug that was present. I wrote instructions on how to fix or bypass the issue.
  • In the future I would like to, participate more on the infrastructure side of the Fedora Project, as this is my area of expertise and interest, but at the moment, I am lacking the time and the confidence to do so, but no doubt will be helping out in the near future.
  • I plan to get involved as package maintainer to add to the already excellent list of packages we now have, further, I would like to help out and increase the scope of the packages we have, as this is what makes or breaks a distribution, in my humble opinion.
  • At University as was an adviser to the deployment of Fedora on the lab machines, to my then project manager, who was also the admin for the linux based infrastructure of the School of Computing.
  • Fedora is an integral part of my infrastructure I use for work and I have got a special interest in security and system administration issues in Fedora, including solutions.
  • I also try to attend events, where possible. I recently attended FUDcon Berlin 2009 and LinuxTag 2009, where we had a Fedora booth.


  • During my time at University, I developed special interests in Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and its uses.

I have got a special area of interest in anything security related and in particular the secure, robust, efficient deployment of essential server services, that is, web services, email, dns and essential services/technologies used to implement security on a linux based system.