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Alexandru Szasz

About me

I like change. I like any form of creation, even a hole in the ground. I like solving problems. I'm self taught. I believe I have more to learn from contradicting than agreeing, so it's usually nice to talk to me, one of us will learn something.

I'm a Fedora user since its begining. I was a Red Hat Linux user since version 6.1. I got my CVS account in August 23, 2006 and started to work on the Romanian translation of Fedora.

I created an application that allows easy online translation and I use that to get people to translate whenever they can without having to know anything about po files. It's called Narro and the instance I'm using is hosted at

I'm also involved in Mozilla, and a Romanian group for free software called GSL. I usually help with translation or troubleshooting.


  • Email: alexxed*at*
  • GPG key: 3F92008A
  • SSH key:
    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAxzTl3/h+2MwKNmiAra4Nbo7GVBVg6XXIT3eio0LfaOyCJnwwgqWSU+XmZ4GkEydsl5OxS5rffYMZKYNu24I5o11rhHQ9omq1hteFBK0Wf2Uh/4cGxHK/u0mb6TL0bSHxQhknTYjbK+SZ9zvnp2S5aLBJyZhpXPgjMNxQ4pfLIgMqGdEpUshGoNFY1qlTOOoXY8PJTT6jjd+U6IjRTsBC0fIjC5mBvYxAozNJfbwHOQZusgWbOUfy5vHhJEHIlCb+GqifkF67v6tJOluXpYeYM23ltbdaLTJUKs/zk8JbkpS3MFU8JqC9rzPvxHmkZCCoD6EX0e2fcc86G4b2GqsIoQ== alex@localhost.localdomain
  • Fedora username: alexxed
  • Google Talk : alexxed
  • Blog :
  • IRC : alexxed on, #fedora-ro

Activities within Fedora

  • Localization of Fedora in Romanian
  • Helping with the local community website, and mailing list
  • Participating at various events and release parties