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Larry Brower

I have been using Linux since 1998 and have been employed as a Linux System Administrator for the past 6 years. I have used Red Hat since version 6.0 (up to current RHEL 5) as well as Fedora since it was introduced. I also have extensive experience with the Red Hat clones, primarily CentOS. I am currently employed as a Linux System Administrator for, LLC.


   * Email:
   * IRC: lbrower on           #fedora #fedoa-admin #fedora-ambassadors
                grunt   on          #ev1regulars
                grunt   on          #a-beyondirc-welcome
   * GPG key: 0x564C4A09
     Key fingerprint = A4A0 E695 2596 1CAE 6084  3F96 5D57 C386 564C 4A09
   * Fedora Account: lbrower
   * Country: United States
   * State: Texas
   * City: Houston
   * Phone: Prefered: SIP:
   * Fedora Projects: Ambassadors, Freemedia, Sysadmin
    * Certifications: CCNA