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Hello, I'm Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai (willwill) from Bangkok, Thailand (UTC+7). I started using Linux in the year 2007 with Ubuntu and switched to Fedora by end of the year 2008. Currently I'm Fedora and Ubuntu user. I also administrate Ubuntuclub's website, the official ubuntu ThaiLoco. (To best of my knowledge, there is no thai Fedora community on Fedora) on my real life I'm a student at Bodindecha 2 school and I also administrate the school's wireless network.

I'm a member of thai-l10n mailling list and contributor to the upsteam GNOME damned lies and previously on Launchpad

I won the NECTEC's Thailand National Linux Competition 2009 (NLC9) on the Desktop field and I got the second place on NLC8, desktop field. Also, I have qualified in NECTEC's Certified Linux Engineer in level one and two.

Also, I'm Python coder using and was a PHP coder. I can create webpages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript with jQuery. My own website (with random junk) is and my blog is

I willing to help the Fedora project on the translation of Release notes and few applications in Thai language


whs@WHSServer1 ~ % gpg --fingerprint C40427E3
pub   1024D/C40427E3 2008-04-30
      Key fingerprint = C634 4C4D 9CB0 ECA2 B307  0A2C 4A0A 4B09 C404 27E3
uid                  Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai <>
sub   2048g/B1167F61 2008-04-30

Note: The key is currently on ubuntu's keyserver ( only.


  • Email: manatsawin on gmail
  • XMPP: whs on
  • IRC: willwill / whs / manatsawin on, and sometimes I take control of my bot under the nick wB3 / wiB3. I usually on the channel #ubuntu-th on freenode, #tlwg on oftc
  • Twitter: @manatsawin
  • @manatsawin
  • FAS/Bugzilla: willwill