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Scott A. Williams


I am a Senior Software Engineer at Azusa Pacific University where I maintain Linux servers and the services that run on them. I am a PhD student in Hebrew Bible at Claremont School of Theology, and graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary (MA Theology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies) and Taylor University (Psychology). I play several musical instruments and I have a passion for German cars, especially VWs and Audis (my daily driver is a 1965 Baja Bug).

I have been enthusiastically using Fedora as my primary desktop OS since fc4, and currently use Fedora exclusively at home as well as a variety of distributions at work. I am also a current Red Hat Certified Engineer. You might find me at the Fedora booth at a West Coast Linux related event (SCaLE, OSCON, etc.) and if you're lucky, my wife and kids, as well!


  • Email: vwbusguy [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
  • IRC: vwbusguy, MadBus
  • Fedora wiki: vwbusguy

Involvement with Fedora


  • Web services deployment (httpd, nginx, etc.)
  • Maintaining and deploying servers and services (ansible, jenkins, etc.)
  • Dockerizing and scaling apps
  • Various development platforms (python, nodejs, java, php, etc.)
  • Home network automation (kodi, nextCloud, dd-wrt)