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Andrew Niemantsverdriet [kaptk2]
Andrew Niemantsverdriet [kaptk2]
Andrew Niemantsverdriet [kaptk2]
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Home: Billings, Montana, United States
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: kaptk2
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IRC: kaptk2 on Freenode in
#fedora-ambassadors #ubuntu-montana #salt ##homebrew

Andrew Niemantsverdriet

  • First started using Linux in early 2000, Redhat 7 was the first linux distro that I used on regular basis
  • Started administrating Redhat 9 servers as a job in 2004 and have been a Linux Systems admin ever since.
  • I love the freedom that FOSS provides, it gives individuals the ability to shape the software and more easily connect with fellow users.

Where to Find Me

I typically hang on IRC using the nick kaptk2. I am in the #ubunutu-montana channel which has a misleading name as very few actually use Ubuntu in the channel. I think everyone is just to lazy to make a new channel and occasionally a new person will stumble into the channel and we can get him/her plugged into the local linux user groups or help them out with an issue.

I also like to code some you can find my projects on github, or you can check out my blog. You can also contact me via email at

Linux Tidbits

  • I work as a Linux System Administrator at a private college in Montana, we almost exculusily use FOSS for all the servers that run the college.
  • I am really interested in virtualzaion technology and highly available systems.
  • I have been fortunate enough to attend and present at a few Linux related events such as LFNW and UTOSC
  • I am currently a Fedora packager


I enjoy the outdoors in my spare time skiing in the winter and hiking / fishing in the summer. I also brew my own beer, which is an incredibly satisfying hobby for me.