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Eleazer Caramancion

Eleazer S. Caramancion
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Personal Information
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Home: Manila, Philippines
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: amatz
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: akosiamatz13 [at] gmail (dot) com
GPG-Key: [1]
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Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Career: System Administrator Supervisor (ABC Network )

About Me

You can call me Amatz for short. It's a nickname I use on the net. I became interested in Fedora because of my friend. I am aware of the Open Source software but really didn't have the chance to sink my teeth into it. I took a Total Linux class which is very helpful on my first steps and very educational experience. It helped me understand so much about the computing world that it lead me to explore more.

I am currently studying more about Fedora and how I can apply it to my working environment. As a newbie, I am taking it step by step.

I am very much willing to help the Fedora community! I am also encouraging other people to explore it too. In the future, I plan to create something good that people will recognize. I would like to explore the possibilities Open Source can offer.


  • I plan to inspire students who are not aware of the possibilities Fedora can offer. I also like to create projects where Fedora can be used as a solution to the computing problems.