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David Anderson

I've been a Systems Administrator, IT Consultant, Hardware Technician, etc, etc with over fifteen years experience in IT. In that time I have seen the benefits of using Free/Open Source software from both a personal perspective and enterprises that rely heavily on its use.


  • Email: dca AT PROJECTcellular DOT com
  • IRC: n/a
  • GPG key: B094 8D35 B925 C48F 6CDC 0C8F 8596 8CFB E5DA B204
  • Fedora Account: dca
  • Location: Orlando, Florida

Activities within Fedora

  • Influence others to choose Fedora Linux and/or FOSS in general
  • Assist in the spread of F/OSS as a viable alternative to proprietary software
  • Assist Fedora in any capacity because when it grows up it becomes a great product
  • Bring the same zest that exists in Europe w/ open source to the US

Upcoming Events In My Area

  • Florida Linux Show 2009 (Orlando) - October 24, 2009 (already a volunteer at show)