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As a Cloud architect with a ‘carte blanche’ authority to transform clients’ estates to benefit their strategic enterprise visions, I found that counterbalancing between innovations and a consequential risk, due to the little known market reaction to the ‘new thing’, has already paid off in multiple client engagement cases. Looking at what’s the next technological trade-off (known for unknown) in Fedora development acts as a navigator for me to make right technological decisions today knowing that the trade-off will eventually be reflect in the follow-up RHEL editions. I am Henry Jurkauskas an ambassador to evangelise on why, where and how this platform can favour those who are willing to disrupt the ‘status quo’ or define the roadmap from ‘tabula rasa’ state to the target state implementation. Reach me out for the case study, advise, support in reasoning good choice. Open source is not just a product development model, its a mindset which was introduced to stop reinventing the wheel and build on what's already present.


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Area of Interest

Stretched hybrid clouds, Big data, AI