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Gianluca Sforna

I started to use Linux around 2000 with Red Hat Linux 7.0, then kept using all RHL releases until Fedora was created. Now all my PCs runs Fedora and I enjoy my participation in this great community.


  • Email:
  • IRC Nick: giallu
  • IRC Channels: I'm usually logged in #fedora-devel, #fedora-it, #fedora-infrastructure
  • GPG key: 707DCD93
  • Fedora Account: giallu

Activities within Fedora

  • maintainer for some packages I use at work or at home.
  • involved in translations for the Italian language
  • test Fedora pre-releases to catch and report bugs related to the hardware I own
  • run a blog spreading Fedora related news (mostly in Italian)

Big thanks goes to my wife Raffaella for all the support ( and tolerance ) for my "hobby"...