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John Rose


  • Email: inode0 AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: inode0 on freenode (#fedora-ambassadors et al.)
  • GPG key ID: 5408AD44
  • Fedora Account: inode0 Fedora Account System
  • Location: Ames, Iowa, USA

Activities within Fedora

  • I'm active in the Fedora Ambassadors community worldwide. Some of the specific areas I participate in are listed here:
    • Active participant in FAmNA since its founding.
    • Periodic leader of the FAmNA meetings.
      • FAmNA meeting announcement template can be found here.
    • Help to bring new ambassadors into the Fedora Project as an Ambassador Mentor.
    • Community Credit Card volunteer helping to spread the workload of making Fedora payments into the Fedora community.
      • Itemized recent expenses can be seen here.
    • Work organizing and providing resources to Fedora Events.
    • Stint as a Fedora distribution point in North America providing shipping services to the project through the FAmNA Request Trac instance.
    • Producing Fedora branded merchandise and teaching other ambassadors the ins and outs of swag production. Here is one example.
  • Active contributor to the Fedora Elections process as townhall moderator, election coordinator, and encouraging the various governance bodies to rewrite their rules to accommodate a single project election schedule.
  • Governance transparency community watchdog (or nag depending on one's perspective).
  • Help when possible with planning Premier Fedora Events including hosting the 2010 Fedora Ambassador Day in North America.
  • Always looking for ways to let Fedora contributors know that the Fedora Project appreciates all of their efforts to spread free software. Last year with the help of others we created something of a "Fedora Thanks You" program.
    • Free Fedora case badges and stickers for contributors, Thank You!
    • With the inaugural Fedora T-Shirt Raffle we hope to build an infrastructure to host many future raffles to thank contributors by sharing Fedora merchandise we create for marketing with them.
  • Contributor to the FreeMedia Program.