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Welcome ! / Bienvenidos ! / Benvenuti !

I am Mario Juliano Grande Balletta. I am currently residing in Rhode Island, in the United States. I am an Italo-Argentine.

I have been involved with open source technologies since the 1990's. I do not use commercial software or vendor based software on any of my business and home systems. I founded the first open source user group here in Rhode Island at Roger Williams University.

In addition to supporting open source efforts in the public sector, I assist in commercial initiatives with the Open Source Technologies Consulting Group. By leveraging open source in commercially driven projects, real-world results, like cost-savings and return on investment strategies become tangible metrics that showcase the value and performance of open source!

I work in the technology industry as Principal Infrastructure Engineer for an international organization providing real and virtualized gaming, transaction, reporting and database systems on a variety of platforms and networks.

I have also taught technology classes and certification courses at several institutions and given lectures/discourses to crowds numbering into the thousands. Since the 90's, I have traveled and worked in over 200 cities in 68 countries. Wherever I am, I extol the virtues and freedom of open source technologies.

Life, Fedora & Open Source

In my personal life, I am an aggressive advocate of open source technologies and promoting a community driven lifestyle, sharing and working together with friends both for business, education and professional development.

The four foundations of the Fedora Project are special and interwoven together, and thus all are part of the whole and yet, they each express different aspects. For me, the most important foundation is "FRIENDS" ! The community is the most powerful aspect of the Fedora Project and this is the most vital feature.

Nothing is possible without working together, collaborating and organizing in unity trying to achieve goals. It is this foundation that means the most to me, especially since I am a former U.S. Marine, the team work and spirit that collects everyone's desires and efforts and beliefs is the glue that bonds everything together, and that motivates me like adrenaline! That is what "friends" means to me.

I look forward to meeting you someday and working with you to publish Fedora to rest of the world!


"fedora sumus, et oderint dum metuant"