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User: Aelaric

Hal Leggette - hal at terranforge dot com

Contributor, Fedora Project; Former SCO Unix System Administrator; present day Linux System Administrator/Network Administrator


I started in the IT business in 1987 and by 1989 I was the only certified SCO Unix system administrator on staff in my company. I started my own business in the early 1990's supporting Windows machines and doing turnkey accounting networks from the ground up. I watched Linux being born as I suffered through making doze machines function. By 1995 I had completely switched to Linux for my workstation and core administrative duties. I tracked carefully what was going on with the conversations at what was then Rhlabs because they were working on my DE of choice, enlightenment; Red Hat at that time was employing the founders of enlightenment. The core DE philosophies of Rasterman influenced me from that point forward; even moreso today. I became active on IRC helping other Linux users. Later on I became a beta tester for AMD fglrx driver in order to make Linux gaming a better place for ATI/Radeon graphics enthusiasts, with a concentration on helping Fedora users with their AMD machines.