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FAS name: sidki
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IRC nick: sidkizz
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors #fedora
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I am Sidki, I'm from Tunisia, currently pursuing my Computer Science Engineering studies at the University of ESPRIT, Tunisia. I've become Fedora Ambassador on November 11, 2013. I've been using GNU/Linux for over 5 years and I've been contributing to different projects by organizing free software events, trainings and meet-ups. For example Regional forum of computer science's Culture the first and the second edition which topics are mainly about free software for education and life support. I participated at organizing The GNU30 Tunisia as I had the honor to host it also. It all started with an article in a French forum in 2008 about a customized Fedora DVD with 3D effects "Compiz" and now i progressed quite well, and I'm still learning. I'm opened for help and i will enjoy receiving your mails or questions, so feel free to ping me any time.

  • Language: Arabic, French, English

My resume

My resume can be seen here

My Works

you can see and fork my projects at github account


  • I'm Interested in technologies in general, and in open source and free software projects and support, i support society associations and always find helping people is my first priority. I'm specialised in mobile development and i'm also making self training about system administration and python programming.


I represented Fedora in many events like:

  • Software Freedom Day 2013
  • The GNU 30 Tunisia 2013
  • Forum Régional de culture informatique de Bizerte 2014

I Organised Fedora events like:

  • Fedora 20 Release Party Tunisia
  • Fedora Install Party Tunisia 2013

Other info

I write about open source and free software at

This is my personal blog

Some of my other social networking info: