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This is an obsolete page, please go to my new page iKurniawan

About Me

Howdy all, I'm dextone, I use fedora OS since FC4 and until now F14, I use both for my desktop and servers, I currently active as a member of a local community at Forum Komunitas Fedora Indonesia, and I want to contribute something useful not just for myself but for wide fedora users, now I wrote some mini-HowTo on my blog, dont expect too much, but it's somewhat useful.


  • pub 1024D/FFA8AF46 2010-01-20
  • Key fingerprint = D079 81CD BFE6 031A 2D0A BBE0 F2F1 E176 FFA8 AF46
  • uid Dextone <>
  • sub 2048g/96DD04BB 2010-01-20
  • Fedora Account: Dextone

Activities within Fedora

  • My Ideas:
  • I'm from Indonesia, in my country so many cybercafe or public places that using pirated OS on their desktops. And for sure i want to introduce the LEGAL open sources Operating Systems to them, Fedora is one of many open sources operating systems, that can handles both of desktop and server computer.
  • My Supports:
  • Help other users using Fedora.
  • Promote Fedora and the community and Open Source projects