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José Adriano F.Araújo
José Adriano F.Araújo
Personal information
Location: Uberlandia, Minas gerais,Brazil
Birthday: nov 07
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Fedora-specific information
FAS name: Adrianoxk07
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A Open source enthusiast, web developer and love to talk about Open Web


About Me

I'm Adriano doing my undergraduate in Information and Communication Technology at UFU University, Brazil. Proudly, I call myself a open web enthusiast, and an overall contributor in Mozilla, Wikimedia, and many other FOSS projects. I conduct workshops and sessions on Web Development, App Development and also give talks on Open Sources.. If you want me to conduct a workshop at your School/College/University/Institute on Web development, Mobile app development and such stuff, mail me the details.


Find my portfolio here : LinkedIn-user:Adrianoxk07

My Works

Goals to be achieved

  • Fedora Installation program - Localization sprint
  • Conducting sessions on Fedora's benefits
  • Fedora Summer camps at schools

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