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Matias Cardero

Hi, I am Matias, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Lenguage: English, Spanish
  • Fedora Account: Cardero
  • IRC : Cardero #fedora-latam #fedora-br
  • E-mail:
  • Skype: cardero.matias
  • Wiki: http://

About Me

  • Born 1979
  • System Administrator


I was an unhappy man until Fedora comes to me. It was like a ray of light passing through my body and my head that enlight my consciense. My life changed for good. I wouldn't be able to use privative software again. I'm writing all this stuff with my ipad, I know, but that's the only concesion that I do because, you know, it's Apple, man, you can't ignore that. But about Fedora, I have installed a lot of distros and this one was THE one. Ok, I'm using a Slackware's t-shirt , but, you know, they have a beautiful logo and, well... Fedora's t-shirt is not so pretty, but... well... but the distro is the best that I have found in my whole life... It has a lot of very usefull apps that makes my life easier. So now, I'm a "Fedora Ambassador" and I take my position seriously. I fedorized all my environment. Servers on my job are fedorized... er... well... not exactly... you know... it's a server, man, we don't use Fedora on a server, but I have CentOS on it, so no Micro$hit on servers. I fedorized the workstations... well, I have a little resistence on it, you know, it's an office and it's really hard to change habbits on people, but, altough I couldn't fedorize their workstations, at least a lot of them had been fedorized on his homes. With Fedora they have no need of reinstallations and their lives are easier now. I've fedorized my mechanic, my buttler, my parents and a lot of friends (I've lost some of them but really I don't think it wasn't Fedora's fault). So, if you are unsure about enter into Fedora's world, don't be, that's the best GNU/Linux distro and you can't be wrong with GNU/Linux. Long live and prosper to Fedora, resistence is futil!!!!


  • Flisol 2012 C.A.B.A Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Flisol-caba] Software Freedom Day 2012 UTN