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Niux.jpg Hello I am Edna Rheiner BCB alias:) from Guatemala.

I am very happy to be involved with this project. Since 2008 I have been involved in the FLOSS user level with Ubuntu and now I looked up and found Fedora and i have installed and used.

I have a degree in Communications and also a Master in Reengineering and Total Quality

I speak English and German, although i prefer English :)

You can contact me on Twitter I'm there almost all the time

With my resources i buy the domain and hosting to

The idea is that more people from Guatemala get info with a local webpage.

I am involve in

And i help made the comunity of GTlibre

Hola mi nombre es Edna rheiner y con mucha alegría me estoy uniendo al proyecto Fedora poco a poco estoy viendo como irme involucrando por el momento estamos por lanzar el sitio de Fedora en Guatemala cuando este listo estaré poniendo aqui el link para compartirlo con todos ustedes.