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Marcel Ribeiro Dantas
Marcel Ribeiro Dantas
Personal Information
Birthday: 4th, October, 1989.
Home: Natal, Brazil Brazil.png
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FAS-Name: mribeirodantas
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Software Freedom advocate, Data Scientist, and Researcher.

About Me

Hey! I have a Computer and Automation Engineering degree, a graduate certificate in Big Data and a Master of Science in Bioinformatics, all from UFRN and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Sorbonne Université and PSL Research University in Paris, while working as an Early Stage Researcher at Institut Curie. My research topic is cause-effect analyses applied to cancer (more on this here).

I've been involved with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and GNU/Linux for over a decade now and have contributed to some Free Software projects along the way. I had been trying a few GNU/Linux distributions but hadn't got the feeling of completeness till a while ago when I finally tried out Fedora and got in touch with its philosophy. 2016 Update: It's been a few years now. Reading this makes me feel old haha. 2019 Update: Oh, là, là. I had to update a lot on this page.

Fedora's Foundation caught my attention at first sight. Its free software policy, astonishing community, usability, and so many things amazed me in a way I could not believe at first. It's like I've been a blue hat all the time unknowingly d:-)


How I support Fedora

You can read my personal report in here. I stopped updating this a long time ago and probably won't have time to update it for a while. I usually deliver about 12 talks a year at different locations, sometimes more, sometimes less. Update 2019: This number went up for a while and now down for I've been very busy. Unfortunately, I hadn't had the time to join FOSS events recently and talk about Fedora. I'm not active in the community currently.

  • Talks

I have given talks on Free, Libre and Open Source Software since 2007. During this time, I had the pleasant opportunity to speak to probably thousands of people in several Federal Universities in Brazil like UFPE, UFC, UFRGS, and UFRN, several Federal Institute of Technology campuses and many community events.

Based on that, one of my goals as Fedora Ambassador is to keep speaking about FLOSS, but focusing more on the GNU/Linux distribution I use and support, which is Fedora.

It's important to note that Fedora goes beyond a software in my opinion.
Fedora represents to me a way of making excellency through Free and Open Source Software. It represents you can still offer great things to people based only on FOSS and more than only software and documentation, it shares ethics among us all. I will probably prepare some material about it and will link it here :)
  • Translation

I can speak English and Italian reasonably well, apart from Portuguese, which is my native tongue. I have attempted to learn German and Russian in the past, but most of these languages just vanished from my memories. As a Fedora Translator, I translate Fedora into Brazilian Portuguese. Right now, I'm focusing on the Official Wiki which has a large amount of useful information. Sadly, it's useless for people who can only speak Brazilian Portuguese, and I have raised this issue by starting translating it.

  • Coding and packaging

I'm looking forward to my vacations so that I will have some spare time to learn how to package and who knows I'll become a packager too :) 2016 Update: Well... Still looking forward to an opportunity to start contributing as a packager :-P


  • Email: mribeirodantas at
  • IRC: mribeirodantas @ - #fedora-br, #fedora, #fedora-latam, #fedora-ambassadors, #git, #rhel, #zsh, #postgresql, #postregsql-it, #postgresql-br, #fsfla, ##programming, #software-livre
  • Website:
  • Fedora Account: mribeirodantas

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