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Fedora Workstation Tasklist

This document aims to outline the tasks planned for the workstation as derived from the Workstation/Workstation_PRD and Workstation/Technical_Specification. Also some general information on how to get involved.

How to get involved

There are two good steps to take to get involved. First you should decide where you think you would want to get involved. Are you a Coder? Web developer? Tester? Designer? Marketing? The tables beneath show some of the tasks we are currently looking at. We would love your help with any of them. If you are interested in joining one of these efforts send an email to the introducing yourself to the project. Follow that up with either contacting the people listed directly or contact one of the working group leaders, for instance through the Fedora Workstation IRC channel, who will help put you in touch. Some of these tasks will also require you to get involved with various upstream communities.

Older tasks

Previous task lists are maintained in this archive page.

Fedora Workstation 27

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification/Comment
RHEL developer program integration Debarshi Ray We want to make it easy for Fedora workstation users to enroll in the RHEL developer program and set up RHEL vms
Make Optimus setup work smoothly Adam Jackson, Hans de Goede & More in progress This mostly works now, but there are some cases like XWayland that needs further work.
Optimus support Bastien Nocera initial support integrated Design work here: Better support for dual-GPU (Intel+nvidia, or Intel+AMD) systems. Also important for a long range of power users and developers.
Optimus support for wayland Jonas Adahl in progress Branches awaiting review
Remote Windows Apps Ondrej Holy and Alexander Bokovoy In Progress GOA account handling for Windows terminal server and remote windows applications.
Qt - hi-dpi support Martin Bříza & Jan Grulich done Make sure Qt applications support hi-dpi scaling when running on high resolution displays (experimental patches to land soon in qt5/rawhide). The topic explained here:
Fractional scaling support Jonas Adahl done
gnome-shell - Better tiling Florian Muellner in progress upstream patches here: Another crucial feature for developers working with a lot of terminals.
gnome-software - rpm-ostree support Kalev Lember, Richard Hughes done needed for atomic workstation
rpm-ostree - polkit support Kalev Lember done needed for the previous item
Boxes - file transfers from vm Zeeshan Ali

Fedora Workstation 28

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification/Comment
RDP integration in Boxes Felipe Borges done Integrating RPD support into Boxes to replace Vinagre
Boxes - file transfers to vm Felipe Borges done
Print Job Authentication Marek Kašík In Progress
GTK Print Dialog Redesign Marek Kašík In Progress
GNOME Usage (tech preview) Felipe Borges & Petr Štětka done A new app replacing System Monitor and Baobab, plan is to have it as a tech preview in Fedora 28
GTK List Box Felipe Borges In Progress Bringing drag'n'drop support
power tunables research underway Some of the kernel tunables such as SATA link power management and USB autosuspend can make a difference of multiple watts. These need to be investigated and udev/kernel configuration adjusted as appropriate.

Fedora Workstation 29

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification/Comment
Wayland support in Firefox Martin Stransky in progress Almost finished.
Boxes - OVF/OVA import/export of vms Kalev Lember done
PDF - support for non-ascii char in forms Marek Kašík in progress Add support for non-ascii characters in PDF forms to Evince. This is a crucial feature for many languages.
Moving desktop from Nautilus to GS extension Carlos Soriano In Progress Removing the desktop feature from Nautilus and moving it to a GS extension
QGnomePlatform - draw decorations for Qt apps on Wayland Jan Grulich Stalled Qt vs Mutter compatiblity issues On Wayland, Mutter doesn't draw server side decorations any more, to have unified decorations for Qt apps we have to draw it on the client side using QGnomePlatform.
Run Qt5 apps on Wayland Jan Grulich Stalled Qt vs Mutter compatibility issues Run Qt5 apps natively on Wayland and smooth all compatibility issues with Mutter.
Design improvements of Anaconda for Workstation Live Jiri Eischmann After removing spokes to set up accounts, the second hub screen looks empty and not visually pleasing, let's give it a better look.

Future ideas

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification
Implementation of Dropbox for the new cloud provider API Carlos Soriano In Progress Implement a Dropbox daemon using the new cloud provider API
Virtual 3D for SPICE David Arlie progress: Need more community involvement to move forward
Firefox Enterprise Login Jan Horak Stalled Improving enterprise login experience in Firefox - GSSAPI interactions should not block the main UI, domain name should be set automatically with a realm/domain, improving prompt UI. Status: most of it implemented. The design changes hang on Mozilla. Also looking at Fleet Commander integration.
Boxes GPU passthrough Felipe Borges in progress Being able to assign a separate GPU to a virtual machine is a crucial feature for a lot of developers, for instance game developers and animators Status: currently re-evaluating the approach, the way SPICE team is trying to achieve it via streaming seems more viable in long term.
Support for Android Apps Tomas Popela & Stephan Bergmann in progress A lot of desktop development these days actually come in the form of webapps. We need to integrate these apps into out platform so that they help drive people to our platform and not away from it.
IPP printer sharing Marek Kašík & Felipe Borges in progress Make sharing a printer via IPP available in control-center, so that users can easily share their printers with other devices on the same network.
power tunables research underway Some of the kernel tunables such as SATA link power management and USB autosuspend can make a difference of multiple watts. These need to be investigated and udev/kernel configuration adjusted as appropriate.
GDM kdc proxy access Ray Strode, Alexander Bokovoy planning Integrate two-factor authentication into GDM. Design work here:
Goa Kerberos improvements Debarshi Ray planning Make SSO experience better in epiphany, nautilus, evolution; support Kerberos with more online accounts
Screencasting with audio Wim Taymans Need community member involvement We been getting requests for better screencasting support in the desktop, needs review of current status and what can be done to improve performance and features.
Wayland - remoting Jonas Adahl in progress Offer remote access to Wayland sessions over VNC (and perhaps other protocols)
Qt application menu Jan Grulich needs work status: Qt apps can export their menus via the com.canonical.dbusmenu interface. They export the complete menubar though so we should probably just utilize the first submenu or the complete menu in one button (it's possible, yet the menus are quite complex)
Qt - accessibility Jan Grulich Verify if setting accessibility features such as screen reader works in Qt/KDE applications in Workstation. Link:
Software Installer - Offer a way to override 'metered' connection heuristics Network Manager team In progress The idea is for !NetworkManager to offer this information on a per-connection basis, then we can offer a user override for it in the network panel
Prefer D-Bus activation in gnome-session Ray Strode Part of the move to systemd user sessions
Move apps to desktop file name == bus id Part of the move to systemd user sessions, and isolated applications. Suitable for crowd sourcing
Abrt - improve crash collection Bastien Nocera, Abrt team in progress,,
Define 'portals' policy David King need to do some experimental prototyping more than for server containers, desktop containers need to be able to access various system services, like online accounts.
Caldav support for general IMAP connector in Online accounts Milan Crha and Debarshi Ray the generic IMAP connector should be suplemented by a general caldav one as most email servers using IMAP would be used with a caldav server. Tasks: write a goacaldavprovider.c and glue it into evo/eds
Wayland - mouse accessibility GNOME a11y team Feature parity with X
Wayland - input device information Jonas Ådahl Feature parity with X
Wayland - IBUS Jens Petersen in progress IBUS is the input system we rely in in Fedora for a large range of languages. We need IBUS support to be to notch in order not have switching to Wayland be a regression for our international userbase,
Terminal -automatic title updates Debarshi Ray working patch posted This feature will make working with a large quantity of terminals easier as identifying each one will be a lot easier. Feature parity with other OS's.
Terminal - Allow to search selected text on Web Allan Day Under discussion:
Terminal - Allow to send selected text to a pastebin Allan Day Under discussion:
Multimonitor - edge resistance Florian Muellner Florian has an unfinished patch A lot of developers and sysadmins use multimonitor setups. We need to have best of class handling of these kind of setups.
gnome-boxes hi-dpi support Zeeshan Ali The details are described here:
Fedora account integration Checkmark.png
Pidgin integration With 3.16, gnome-shell is much less entangled with empathy. We should look at making pidgin work nicely in GNOME
Easier langpack installation for Libreoffice Parag Nemade Currently langpacks for Libreoffice and KDE etc are not installed by default after a Workstation installation - ideally they should be installed more or less semi-automatically (maybe via gnome-initial-setup or gnome-software say?)
Software Installer - support developer tools Allan Day needs design A lot of developer tools are command line and thus might not be a great fit for the application installer. Could be that for instance the Developer assistance is a better home for installing such tools. Or maybe a 3rd separate tool.
Software Installer - hosting + generation of app data for Fedora Fedora Rel. Engineering q.v.
Software Installer - hosting + generation of app data for coprs Fedora Rel. Engineering
Desktop log viewer - per-application logs David King unfinished patch exists The desktop log viewer is meant to be a good debug tool for developers and a bit easier to interact with for such purposes than the log viewer included in cockpit.
Desktop log viewer - move log-triggered actions (eg SMART, abrt) from gsd and abrt David King needs discussion with abrt team
Desktop log viewer - add support for activate-by-message id to journal David King needs discussion with systemd guys
Desktop log viewer - clean up logs suitable for crowdsourcing
Mylyn support added to Online accounts Mylyn can be a portal for enabling developers easy access to a lot of developer resources
Qt - CSD under wayland Dan Vrátil/Jan Grulich unlikely to materialize status: Qt Wayland apps don't run in Rawhide at all. There is support for CSDs in QtWayland but there is no application utilizing it. Upstream KDE (Martin Graesslin) is strongly against using CSDs, see
eclipse-jbosstools integration? talk to jboss team about linuxapps and their needs
improve git GUI tool more like sourcetree? Great tooling is a big part of the issue we need to address. Especially as we try to lure developers away from MacOS making sure our development tools like gitg are top notch is crucial.
Wayland - xsettings replacement for Wayland not a short-term priority If we ever want be be able to run the desktop without requiring some form of X Window support, then this needs to be resolved.
gnome-shell - system keybinding overview
Docking station teardown behaviour Design team design needed A lot of developers, sysadmins and other power users use a docking station at the office and then bring their laptops home in the evening to continue working. Currently we don't have a great behaviour for dealing with the external monitor appearing/disappearing, with all apps just migrating to the internal screen on disconnect.
Application grouping support Design team design needed Developers and devops are task oriented more than application oriented and we want to have a way to group a large set of application/windows together and be able to deal with them as a group. So that you can have for instance 5 terminals and a browser with 10 tabs set to specific pages associated with one project and another set of applications and terminals for another project.
Drop hard xwayland dependency from mutter Jonas Adahl
Windows network integration - Printers Make sure assigned printers from AD show up in the print dialog when the machine is enrolled in a domain
Windows network integration - Shares Make sure assigned file shares from AD show up in the file chooser and nautilus when the machine is enrolled in a domain
UI enablement of VDI mode Make this more discoverable - gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations false
Support for importing VB machines to Boxes Felipe Borges Being able to import virtual machines created in VirtualBox would make it easier for ppl to move to Boxes