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Fedora Workstation 21

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification

Software Installer - better app data Ryan Lerch Underway, looking at making part of Fedora packaging guidelines The Application installer is the primary method for our users to find new software. Having good application installer metadata for all Fedora software meant to be installed with the software installer is thus crucial for our end user experience.
Wayland keyboard layouts Rui Matos DONE
Wayland dnd Benjamin Otte DONE Drag and Drop support is another area where we do not want to regress as we move to Wayland
Wayland - Xwayland Adam Jackson/Jasper St Pierre DONE We need X support both for legacy applications and we will also keep relying on certain X technologies for the core desktop for a transition period
Wayland - clutter-gtk/subsurface Bastien Nocera DONE and
Wayland - Colour management Richard Hughes DONE We have a lot of users who rely on our great colour management support, like artists and animators. This is another area where we do not want to risk regressing with the Wayland switch
Wayland - GDM integration / session handling Ray Strode/Jasper St Pierre DONE As we phase in Wayland we want users to be able to freely switch between the running an X session and a Wayland session.
Wayland basic HiDPI display support Owen Taylor DONE Feature-parity with X hidpi support, mixed-monitor still outstanding
Multimonitor - better vertical stacking Florian Muellner DONE A lot of developers and sysadmins use multimonitor setups. We need to have best of class handling of these kind of setups.
Multimonitor - remember which monitor windows were on Florian Muellner DONE A lot of developers and sysadmins use multimonitor setups. We need to have best of class handling of these kind of setups.
Terminal - theme changes (white-on-black) Debarshi Ray DONE We might need to tweak /etc/DIR_COLOURS also.
Terminal - bring back transparency Debarshi Ray DONE patch in Fedora A lot of users like this feature for a varity of reasons. Upstream not interested so we will maintain it as a Fedora patch.
Terminal - Allow disabling all keybindings in one go Matthias Clasen DONE
Terminal - search provider Debarshi Ray DONE
Software Installer -use hawkey, already the case in rawhide Richard Hughes DONE
Software Installer - folder configuration Richard Hughes DONE
Software Installer - performance Richard Hughes DONE
Boxes side-by-side VMs Zeeshan Ali DONE
Boxes - snapshots Zeeshan Ali DONE
full touch support in GTK+ Carlos Garnacho DONE Modern laptops and all-in-one desktops are being shipped with touchscreens. If we do not have decent touchscreen support this will start to count as a disadvantage for our product and platform. Applications needs to be made touch aware on a case by case basis as makes sense.
Rygel, Chromecast etc., firewall interaction Tomas Woerner and Bastien Nocera DONE, We want desktop services to work flawlessly for users without having to fiddle with the firewall settings. Especially as the firewall getting in the way has a tendency to make people simply disable the firewall.
Totem UI refresh Bastien Nocera DONE
HIG Guidelines Allan Day DONE Having a good HIG available is important to help developers who want to target our product be able to produce a nicely integrated experience. Our goal here it to make a compelling open source desktop that can stand on its own in comparison with Windows and MacOS X.
Wayland - Input devices Peter Hutterer DONE, Libinput released and used
Include devassistant DONE
OverlayFS jwb/dhowells DONE This is one of the features we need to be able to do desktop containers in a nice and efficient way. This will in fact also be very useful for any kind of containers so the expectation is that once we manage to land this all Docker containers will use it.
Terminal - improve preference dialogs Allan Day, general and scrolling tabs are done
Evolution - composer webkit port Tomas Popela done

Fedora Workstation 22

Software Installer - better app data Ryan Lerch Underway, looking at making part of Fedora packaging guidelines The Application installer is the primary method for our users to find new software. Having good application installer metadata for all Fedora software meant to be installed with the software installer is thus crucial for our end user experience.
gnome-session gdbus port Ray Strode DONE Preparation for systemd user sesssions
Boxes - add a way to change vts Zeeshan Ali DONE (initial support done, may add more later)
Terminal - long-running job notification Debarshi Ray done as downstream patches in Fedora Feature parity with other OS's., will copy the elementary OS approach
Wayland - input configuration protocol/library API Peter Hutterer/Hans de Goede/Carlos Garnacho mostly DONE here Feature parity with X
Wayland - input configuration UI Rui Matos Done feature parity with X
Wayland - pointer barriers Jonas Ådahl DONE Feature parity with X.
Use Wayland on the login screen Ray Strode done gets us wider exposure without requiring a full session Changes/Login_Screen_Over_Wayland
Make sure xorg-x11-drv-libinput is in the Workstation package set Hans de Goede Done Add a dependency in the fedora-workstation package, since we don't want to force it across board yet in xorg-x11-drivers
Software Installer - Search in disabled repositories Richard Hughes Done code blog post
Software Installer - Codec installation Kalev Lember done Move the gnome-packagekit session service for codec, mime handler, font, etc installation to gnome-software and drop our remaining gnome-packagekit dependency
Desktop log viewer - improve performance David King Done Investigate using a worker thread for journal interaction, using async api
Abrt - integrate with privacy settings
Bastien Nocera, Abrt team done Use a privacy panel setting rather than gnome-abrt preferences,,,,
Abrt - improve notifications Bastien Nocera, Abrt team done
nautilus - port to GAction, complete the design refresh work Carlos Soriano done Checkmark.png Changes/Nautilus_Improvements
Firefox GTK3 port Martin Stransky Enabled in rawhide Important migration to make sure Firefox can keep working as an integral part of the desktop
Firefox screensaver inhibition Martin Stransky done Firefox uses the dbus interface to inhibit screen locking during media playback
Qt - Adwaita theme Martin Briza done We want all applications to feel native and run well in the Workstation, regardless of if they are written using GTK, Qt, Java or something else. A developer should be able to choose the tools he or she wants without having to think about how their tools of choice have been implemented.
Qt - ibus support Martin Briza OK Support for various kinds of language input should also be transparent across toolkits

status: ibus works with Qt apps out of the box. You just need to install ibus-qt to have the popup right over the text you're writing - otherwise it's at the bottom of the window.

Qt - ensure ibus-qt is installed by default Matthias done
Qt notifications Martin Briza OK This may need work on the gnome-shell side too

status: Notifications do work - they're shown right. However, some Qt apps use tray status icons, which aren't shown anywhere - Clementine does this, for example.

gnome-shell - new notification design Florian Muellner done here The message tray is a remaining weak spot of the original gnome-shell design Checkmark.png Changes/GnomeShell_NewNotifications

Fedora Workstation 23

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification
Ambient backlight handling Bastien Nocera + Richard Hughes Mostly done Make sure we have ambient backlight drivers for important modules in the kernel, add support to gnome-settings-daemon.
Wayland - mixed HiDPI display support for Wayland clients Jonas Ådahl done We want perfect support for HiDPI displays with Wayland as going forward those are probably going to end up being the default displays on any new system.
Make X launching code paths similar to Wayland in gdm Ray Strode Done Move towards socket activation for X and Wayland
Port libgdata to newer Google apis Debarshi Ray done The api used in the Google Drive backend will stop working April 2015
nautilus - Google Drive support Debarshi Ray done Will be implemented as a gvfs module,
Chromium screensaver inhibition Tomas Popela done
Polari IRC client SoC project done Already somewhat done, need community involvement to take to production level
Introduce xdg-app in Fedora David King, Alexander Larsson available in a Fedora Make xdg-app available for building, installing and running app bundles
Qt/KDE - ensure mouse and other input settings transfer accross when running Qt/KDE apps Jan Grulich verified mbriza: Will test when the configuration dialog works in F22 GNOME. Anyway, since there are virtually no settings there, it will be fun. Also: regarding keyboard layout, GNOME doesn't use ibus-setup so it's not likely anything will be transferred.
liveusb-creator - visual refresh Martin Briza/Jakub Steiner Done This is the 'first point of contact' with Fedora - it should look polished and modern Checkmark.png mockups
Software Installer - Integrate Bios/Firmware updates Richard Hughes, Peter Jones done
Abrt - improve desktop client Bastien Nocera, Abrt team partially done

Fedora Workstation 24

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification
GTK+ - application keybinding overview Matthias Clasen done
Eclipse port to GTK3 Red Hat Tools team done As of Fedora 22 Eclipse default to GTK 3.x with improvements/fixes ongoing
GSSAPI in libsoup Tomas Popela done Adding GSSAPI to libsoup which will enable us to add ImD integration features in different parts of the desktop.
Software Installer - Integrate distro upgrade Kalev Lember, Richard Hughes done Design, gnome-software should inform the user when an upgrade of the OS is available, and offer to start it.
Software Installer - xdg-app support Richard Hughes done
Software Installer - user feedback Richard Hughes initial support done
Wayland pointer locking and confinement - protocol Jonas Ådahl done needed for many games, see here:
Mac Port of Live USB Creator Martin Briza done Port of Fedora Live USB Creator to OS X
Introduce pinos Wim Taymans done
gnome-shell - bring music notifications back Florian Muellner done Integrate Summer of Code project results
systemd --user and user bus Ray Strode done
gnome-builder - xdg-app support Christian Hergert initial support has landed
Wayland support in LibreOffice Caolan McNamara mostly done LibreOffice has been ported to GTK3 (experimental option in F23), that's the main prerequisite for Wayland support.
Qt - enforcing Adwaita theme Martin Briza/Jan Grulich done Handled by QtGNOME Platform module

Fedora Workstation 25

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification/Comment
GL Dispatch, EGL streams, EGL device Adam Jackson Done Work is being done on this by both us and NVidia, expectation is that this will hit Fedora 25.
Software - Install shell extensions Richard Hughes done
Wayland - Wacom support Peter Hutterer, Carlos Garnacho done, split in "tablet" and "buttonset". both planned for 1.10 This is a crucial tool for animators and graphics artists wanting to use our platform. Working closely with Wacom on this. feature partity with X
control center - Wayland Wacom support Carlos Garnacho Done
Wayland pointer locking and confinement - compositor implementations Jonas Ådahl done needed for many games
Wayland pointer locking and confinement - SDL support Jonas Ådahl done needed for many games
Wayland On-screen keyboard Carlos Garnacho osk works again Important for especially non-desktop use of Wayland

Scriptless RPMS for desktop

Kalev Lember ongoing cleanup File triggers are enabled in F24 rawhide. Need to actually use this functionality now. We want to avoid requiring scripts to be called from RPMS as far as possible as any such manual steps increase the risk for bugs and issues happening during upgrades. Working on removing the need for such things will increase overall system robustness and make upgrades less of a challenge. It also makes our updates more alike to image based installations.
  • gsettings schemas - file triggers in place
  • gconf schemas - not worth doing
  • im modules - file triggers in place
  • gio modules - file triggers in place
  • pixbuf loaders - file triggers in place
  • systemd units - not a cache, just annoying post scripts
  • desktop file mime extraction - file triggers in place
  • mime database updates - file triggers in place
  • app data validation:
Mac Port of Fedora Media Writer Martin Briza done To support macOS properly LUC needs a complete rewrite, will be done for F25.
Fedora Media Writer for Flatpak Martin Briza done This will allow support for multiple distributions with just a single installation file.
Fedora Media Writer as Primary Downloadable Jiri Eischmann/Martin Briza/Dennis Gilmore done Make FMW the primary downloadable on, requires transparent builds
Codecs - openh264 Kalev Lember, Wim Taymans done Build openh264 codecs in koji and make them available through a repo hosted by cisco
Desktop log viewer - hook up GLib logging to the journal David King done

Fedora Workstation 26

Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification/Comment
Software - Third-party repo policy done

Software - Third-party repo: chrome done
Software - Third-party repo: nvidia done
Deal better with binary NVidia driver Hans De Goede done We will try to handle dealing with binary driver through some kind of dnf/pkgkit plugin or similar
gnome-shell - bring weather notifications back Florian Muellner done
Initial setup - skip timezone Rui Matos done Anaconda will add a way for us to learn if the user configured the timezone during installation (or if it was detected by geoip). In that case, we don't want to ask the user again, but skip that step.
Qt - test Qt/KDE apps under Wayland/XWayland Jan Grulich done Wayland should become default in F24, test if Qt/KDE apps can run on Wayland/XWayland in GNOME.
Qt - High Contrast theme Martin Briza done Accessibility is important for us and should work without a hitch accross toolkits
Qt - Adwaita dark theme Martin Briza done Qt match for the GTK Adwaita dark theme.
Qt - flatpak portals Jan Grulich done Flatpak portals for Qt applications.
Fleet Commander Alberto Ruiz We expect to have Fleet Commander 'production ready' for F26 We want our systems to be deployed in large software engineering organizations. Providing good tools for managing such deployments could be an important differentiator for us.