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A newsprint-like serif typeface


Hirwen Harendal started in 1999 the realization of a first font family, aiming to create another “Times New Roman”… He does not consider this endeavour a huge success. However, he transformed Tribun progessively since then to give it its own character.

The idea was to achieve newsprint-like rendering. To this effect, the glyph bodies, serifs, or even extenders are not normalised and use irregular strokes. This is most visible in italics though those variations stay imperceptible at small sizes.

Italics proved time-consuming. They are never an easy thing to draw. Nevertheless, the designer considers them very close to those of “Times”, with some variations.

The medium weight uses a stronger stroke. It can be used for emphasis, or for effects in titles. That being said it has also been used for body copy. It is also slightly expanded to complete the face offerings.

The condensed version is a bit unusual, since it stands in for both normal and medium condensed. After several trials, Hirwen decided an intermediate weight rendered much better both for document display and in print. Secondly, he took great care to keep readability excellent, and this even for italics.

This font family is particularly well suited for text, display, or presentations. It is also ideal for all Web publications. It can serve as alternative to “Times New Roman” and other similar fonts.


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