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Badges and reimbursements only happen after the successful submission of bill/invoice.

Reporting and Claim

Often, Advocate(s) activity get featured in the Mindshare newsletters and hence holds a significant amount of importance. The report is a general walkthrough of an event which gives the region an idea of what's new and any hick-ups which happened.

Reporting can be done in many ways. Here's are a couple of mostly tread pathways:

  1. Community Blog : Advocates can sign in to the Wordpress instance of Community Blog using your FAS Credentials by following this link. Once inside, you can create a new post where you can draft your experience. After you are done, subscribe to CommOps list and share the link of your draft. Politely ask if somebody can approve your post after a review. Here's an example of a Release Party Blog post.
  2. Your own Blog : If you have been maintaining your own blog, you can post it there as well. To extend the reach of audience, Advocates may syndicate their blog to Fedora Planet. For more information check this

Comment on your issue with a report mindshare repo


  • Depending on the status of your budget approval, mindshare will process the claim.
  • Advocates will have to upload a PDF file of the bill against the issue in mindshare repo.