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Instructions for Operators

Please try to keep yourself without the OP mark. Unless there is alot of trouble going on and you would like to show that there is an OP there. We don't expect much trouble. In fact, we expect you to add an event to the topic than kick/ban a user.

Therefore only some OP's can Kick/Ban, if you want to know if you can kick/ban please ask asmartgoat.

Please do not change the topic except for new releases and outdated information + spelling etc.

To OP yourself (when approved) type:

/msg Chanserv op #fedora-apac YOURNICK

Please Lower your status in all other times by typing:

/msg Chanserv deop #fedora-apac YOURNICK
  • Note you can not kick or ban while in lowered state.

If you are having any trouble, talk to asmartgoat or nirik, as they have full op abilities.

For help with chanserv type

/msg chanserv help

For help with a certain command type

/msg chanserv help COMMAND

Topic OP'ers

Ambassadors will have the ability to modify topics. please do not modify anything except for events :)

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