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This page serves as central point to all Fedora 16 related activities. Please do not hesitate to update the page id you need any support towards F16 release. Add your Fedora 16 Release Events here at F16 Release Events

Do not forget to add your event to the event page. This page is then updated by using the details available at the event page.

The goal is to spread F16 as much as possible in APAC region.

Are you ready to take this challenge?

Schedule for the FAms for F16

F16 Media Needs

FAm Country Amount

F16 SWAG Needs

FAm Country Needed Material Quantity

Country wise support

    1. Australia
    2. Bangladesh
    3. China
    4. Hong Kong
    5. India
    6. Indonesia
    7. Japan
    8. Kyrgyzstan +
    9. Malaysia
    10. Nepal
    11. New Zealand
    12. Pakistan
    13. Philippines
    14. Singapore
    15. Sri Lanka
    16. Taiwan
    17. Thailand
    18. Vietnam