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This page aims to track the methods by which various Ambassadors in the APAC region can be reimbursed in their countries conveniently.


APAC Ambassadors
Please add your country to the table below, along with modes of payment that can be used to reimburse you. Please check with the authorities and list the ways that will enable speedy reimbursement and keep limit additional transfer charges.
Country Reimbursement method Comment
Foo bar Repeat in this way
India Paypal Ensure that you withdraw the money within 7 days of receiving (RBI Guidelines)
Vietnam Paypal
Indonesia Western Union
Bangladesh Western Union
Australia Paypal
Bénin Western Union
Sri Lanka Western Union, MoneyGram Sri Lankan PayPal accounts still don't have the receive money feature. So, if someone try to send money to a Sri Lankan account, the transaction will be denied.
Cambodia MoneyGram/Western Union PayPal accounts in Cambodia are only available to pay not to receive.
China Paypal Paypal international account needed, not