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The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at [1].

The Fedora Ambassadors' Account System How-To

Recently, we have upgraded our Fedora Account System and you may find some of the information in this page might not be accurate any more. Please contact ThomasChung for any correction.

Every Fedora Ambassador should create an account in the Fedora Account System . This serves as a central point to track account information for all Fedora Contributors. Being part of the ambassadors group in the Account System is part of being a Fedora Ambassador.

Creating your account in the Account System will establish your Fedora Email Aliases . It can also be used to grant you access to other Fedora tools, and will assure that your contributions are properly licensed.

  1. Create Your Account
    • Using the directions from the Account System wiki page, create your initial account. You will need to have an SSH and a GPG key to create your account. Make sure you enter accurate information, as it may be used to provide services from the Fedora Project.
  2. Complete the Contributor License Agreement
    • After creating your account, return to the Account System website and request the Contributor License Agreement. This agreement covers licensing concerns regarding your contributions to the Fedora Project and is required for joining the group. Refer to CLA HowTo .
  3. Apply for the ambassadors Group
    • Once you have successfully completed the CLA, return to the Account System website again and log in to edit your account. From there, you can request membership in the ambassadors group.

Once you have completed the final step, the group's sponsors will be notified. They will need to approve your membership. You will be notified by email when your memberhip is approved.