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This campus ambassador page is an initial outline for local Malaysia students to be campus ambassadors while waiting for upstream guideline for the official Campus Ambassador program to be finalized. This page contains details which are more specific to Malaysia context

What are Campus Ambassadors and their role?

  • Details on what are Campus Ambassadors can be read here.

What is purpose of Campus Ambassadors

  • The core purpose are defined here.
  • In addition, the local campus ambassadors also become the point of contact between the campus, and the local community

Fedora Ambassador and Fedora Campus Ambassador

  • The main difference between Fedora Ambassador and Fedora Campus Ambassador is just the area of coverage.
  • To get our effort more efficient and easier for new campus ambassadors to get started, the local ambassador team is available if the campus ambassador need some aid.
  • Campus ambassadors are highly welcomed to also get involved in the local team activities and vice versa.

Details on budget and related

  • All of our local ambassadors mainly work on our own funding, however, it is possible to request for some funding under the Community Architecture budget from Harish Pillay in Singapore.
    • Prepare a budget for your activity, consisting of the spending/cost for the activity
    • Send it to Harish
  • We (Fedora Malaysia team) are still trying to get more details on this from Harish and RH-APAC